Stop Calling Drake The Soft Guy: A Few Things Aubrey Wants Us To Know

Drake on Q Interview 1

Recently Drake sat down with Jian Gohmeshi on his show “Q” , and in typical Drake fashion he was pretty open and honest. Which is refreshing since most stars tend to be so guarded/defensive  in these  setting watch the “NWTS” star address a few stereotypes people have of him that are bothering him. Continue Reading

The Rap Radar Boys visits the Beakfast Club

If you know anything about hip hop culture then you should know who these hip hop journalist , and since they left XXL Magazine the two journalist/Blogger/ occasional hip hop socialites have been really on it, and the latest turn in their jouney has them doing radio interviews! Ha! Click. Continue Reading

President Obama meets with Lawmakers to End Government Shutdown

As the federal government shutdown enters its 10th day, President Barack Obama has taken an increasingly aggressive stance in demanding House Republicans pass a budget bill to end the ongoing crisis. Wednesday (Oct. 9), Obama and House Democrats met to discuss an end to the shutdown and raise the looming debt limit that threatens to put the country into default.

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